Breakfast Host / Executive Housekeeper – Philadelphia Pennsylvania (Hampton Inn Philadelphia Airport)

Breakfast Host / Executive Housekeeper – Philadelphia Pennsylvania
(Hampton Inn Philadelphia Airport)

Breakfast Host – We are look for a highly energetic team member to enhance customer satisfaction by providing world class customer service, preparing and setting up the buffet with complimentary food and beverage items in accordance with established policies and procedures, as well as applicable health-related regulations and laws.

Duties and Responsibilities Essential
1. Prepare food and beverage items in accordance with established procedures in a timely manner prior to meal hours; prepare additional food as needed throughout the meal hours.
2. Set up the food buffet with scheduled items, including food, beverages and eating utensils; continuously inspect the buffet to ensure that all items are available for guests throughout the meal hours.
3. Maintain the buffet area in a clean and sanitary manner; wipe the buffet counters as needed; put all utensils, food and other items back in the designated storage area when meal hours are over; empty trash receptacles; wash all food containers and polish as appropriate; clean tables and chairs after use.
4. Respond to customer concerns, issues, inquiries, and input in a timely, professional, and courteous manner; resolve customer complaints, escalate issues as necessary or report to other departments for resolution.
5. Maintain appropriate inventory levels of food, beverages, and other items; report needed items to management.
Executive housekeeper – will be responsible for directing/administering all Housekeeping operations to ensure the overall cleanliness and product quality of the hotel. Some who is flexible with a strong sense of Urgency to deliver outstanding guest service and financial profitability. Responsible for performing the highest standards such as: Ensure and maintain cleanliness, service and product quality standards of guest rooms, public spaces, restrooms, offices and meeting rooms in accordance with standards.
Direct, lead, and administer all Housekeeping operations to include, but not limited to, of systems use and management, budgeting and forecasting, inventory control, synergy update, department management, policy and procedure implementation and enforcement and meeting participation and facilitation.
Monitor, supervise, scheduling, counsel, employee recognition, and provide professional development to team member’s performance to include/not limited to. Also assist with receuiting and training team members.
Ensure proper chemical/cleaning supplies usage, training, and proper labeling according to standards.

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