Housekeeper or Live-in Couple (West Los Angeles) California

Housekeeper or Live-in Couple (West Los Angeles) California

Duties include maintaining a quality home in West Los Angeles, California.

Applicant(s) need to speak and understand English. Valid references, driver’s license, car, and social security card(s), evidence of good health and ability to perform quality housekeeping duties and a pre-offer employment physical examination(s) are required.

Live-in accommodations includes a private apartment, consisting of a living room/bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Employee(s) are responsible for all of their own living requirements including but not limited to items such as food, phone calls, personal items, transportation and all others.

Please send each of your individual detailed resume(s) including photos, references and the date you would be available for an interview.

Compensation: To be Determine.

Please include all of your contact telephone and email information.
Fax to (310) 645-9719.

Los Angeles
(310) 645-9719

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